iPhone Location Services in IOS 6

Tue, Sep 25, 2012

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With the inception of the IOS 6, Apple has changed the placement of iPhone location services in IOS 6. You can now find the location services under your settings in Privacy. To navigate here go to your icon settings, like the one below.

Settings icon iPhone Location Services in IOS 6

Then scroll down to the Privacy settings, like the image below.

Privacy Label iPhone Location Services in IOS 6

You will then see an image like the one below. Here is IOS 6′s new feature of showing you what apps have permission to access some of Apple’s integrated apps that can be used seemlessly with IOS 6. Here you can check to see what apps have permission to access Facebook or Twitter as well as the other apps listed. In this case, we just want to tap on location services to see what apps are currently running locations services on your IOS.

Privacy Settings1 iPhone Location Services in IOS 6

The image below is what you will see in your Location Services settings. It is here that you will be able to change which apps on your iPhone or iPad that will be able to use your location. The configuration for Location Services is not different than it was in IOS 5.1, which was discussed in a previous post on Configuring Location Services. It is also recommended to turn off apps that use location services as it tends to drain your battery faster. This was covered in a previous post about Conserving your iPhone Battery Life. Make sure to look at the next image to see how you can tell what apps are currently using location services, which apps have recently used location services, and which apps are using a geofence.

photo 3 iPhone Location Services in IOS 6

This picture below defines what each arrow means in the location services.

Purple arrow means the app is currently using the location service.

Grey arrow means the app has used location services in the last 24 hours.

An outlined purple arrow means the app is using a geofence, which is usually seen next to Reminders set to arrive or leave a location.

If you tap the System Services label at the bottom, there is an option where you can disable the arrow from showing in the menu bar at the top, which would be like the purple one in the image below next to the alarm icon that’s next to the percentage.

photo 4 iPhone Location Services in IOS 6

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