Show Time iMessage Sent in IOS 7

Mon, Oct 21, 2013

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When texting a friend, a family member, or anyone, there are times you would like to know when you sent the message or what time the person replied. In IOS 6, there might be a time on the original iMessage, but now in IOS 7 you can show time iMessage sent or received. In the image below, I sent myself an iMessage, yes you can send yourself an iMessage. This brings up some other potential great uses in sending yourself an iMessage, like a url to a website, a note, a quick way to jot down an address, or any quick note you might need. But back to how to show time on an iMessage. On the left, is the original iMessage, which only will show the original time the iMessage began at the top. To display the time to the right like in the image on the righthand side, simply put your finger or thumb on the blue iMessage (which would be your iMessage in the conversation) and pull to the left. The time highlighted in yellow will show, just hold down your finger in the general area of the red circle and pull to the left, in the direction of the red arrow. The time will be shown for your sent iMessage and the time an iMessage received from the other sender.

ShowTimeiMessageWasSent Show Time iMessage Sent in IOS 7

Remember you can text with iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. Just make sure you enable iMessage under your Settings > Messages and it’s at the top of the Messages Settings. To learn more about iMessages go to Apple for more information and stay tuned from Nuts About Mac for more on iMessages.

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