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Wed, Jun 27, 2012

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This guide is to show you how to ignore phone calls on iPhone, while blocking phone calls is a different task.  I will discuss briefly how can you can possibly setup blocking calls with your cellphone provider.  There are a couple ways that you can just ignore the call, and let the caller think you just were not near your phone.  Like most functions of the iPhone, it can be a little difficult to know exactly what buttons to press to ignore phone call on iPhone when your busy.

Ignore Call When Screen is Unlocked

When your are actively using your phone and the screen is unlocked, the call whether a saved contact or unknown number will pop up on your screen and give you the choice to ignore the call or answer the call.  The problem with ignoring the call by pressing the ignore button is that the call then goes straight to voicemail, which makes the caller sense that you are just screening your calls.  It is still effective though just to have the phone call be ignored, and let the caller know just to leave a message and you’ll get back to them.  I will discuss further how to let the call ring a number of times and then go to voicemail, which makes the caller just think you weren’t near your phone.

Ignore Call When Screen is Locked

Most times if you are ignoring a call, it is because you are busy and just have no time for the phone call a this second.  But you don’t want the caller to feel that you are screening their call, so you want the call to ring a number of times before it goes to voicemail.  There are two ways to achieve this functionality.

topof iphone4 300x78 Ignore Phone Calls on iPhone

First way to ignore the call and let it ring a number of times before it goes to voicemail.  You can just select the sleep button at the top of the phone, which makes the ringer go to silent but still has the caller keep hearing rings before it goes to voicemail.  The image to the right is where the sleep button is on your phone.  Just press it once and let the call ring a number of times and then proceed to voicemail.

VolumeButtoniPhone4 Ignore Phone Calls on iPhone

Another way to ignore the call is to press the volume buttons on the side of the iPhone.  This action as well allows the caller to still hear the rings but turns the ringer off on your phone.  The caller will be sent to voicemail to leave a message.  Then you can call them back when it is more convenient for you.  Both of these actions of ignoring the call can be done when your screen is locked.

Set Ringtone to Silent

If you have a certain number or contact that you do not want to answer, change their ringtone to a silent ringtone.  Download Silent Ringtone as a zip file.  Uncompress the file to a m4r and then double click on the file.  It will automatically put the silent ringtone into your iTunes.  Then all you need to do is connect your iPhone to your computer and drag the silent ringtone to your iPhone.  Now, just set each contact that you want to ignore calls from to the silent ringtone.

Blocking Calls on your iPhone

To be able to block a specific number on your iPhone, you must have this done through your service provider.  I have Verizon, and I know that Verizon Wireless allows you to change this in your account.  Just login to your Verizon Wireless account and on the initial login page select “Block Calls & Messages” under Plan.  You will be able to block up to 5 numbers temprorarily. Here’s what it states on Verizon Wireless page:

You can block calls and message from up to 5 phone numbers at no charge.

Expiration. Blocks expire after 90 days. Be sure to reapply the block if you wish to continue the service restriction. To permanently block numbers, subscribe to Usage Controls*.
Limitations. You cannot block numbers within your account or non-10 digit numbers such as 911, 411 or #MIN (checks minutes used).
Unblocking. To unblock a number, highlight and delete the number, then click “Submit”.
There are much better features soon to come in IOS 6 to ignore calls and ignore certain phone numbers.  There will certainly be a review or guide on how to use the functionality of ignore phone calls on iPhone again with the release of IOS 6 in the Fall.

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  • http://twitter.com/reastman Bob Eastman

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the silent ringtone. Hhallelujah!

    • admin

      Glad it helped you out. Please let me know any other questions you may have.

  • Drew

    I’ve been told that (with verizon iPhone) when you push the sleep or volume button it can extend the amount of time the caller will hear the ringtone. I believe the standard is 32 seconds and can be delayed up to 40 seconds or so when you ‘ignore’ the call in this manner. Is there any truth to this?

    • Eric Kruck

      I did just a little research, but I did not see where pressing the sleep button would change the amount of time it took to go to voicemail. I did see that the amount of time could vary on where you live. Therefore, your best bet is to call customer service at *611. They can actually change the amount of time if you like as well.

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